Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Wiki
[[Sonic pose 83.png|250px]]
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Hedgehog
Health Weak
Level 15
Status speed
Location Christmas Island

Sonic is a free, fast, spikey blue hegdehog who loves adventure. His best friend is Tails and Sonic has the ability to run with lightning reflexes, thus at the speed of sound. He is a speed type character in the games.

Mario and Sonic at the olympic games

Original character biography

The fastest hedgehog in the world, this little blue speed demon often gets going so fast, he appears to be just a whirling blur. He'll usually be found in front of any of the speed-based events in these Olympic Games, and will be very difficult to catch in any of the short-distance sprints.


  • speed=100
  • power=30
  • skill=0
  • stamina=20