Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Wiki

Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Health Strong
Level approximately 27/26
Status power
Location New York,Brooklyn
Wario is a greedy and buldgy character, being the evil doppleganger of Mario. He is only evil due to his greed, thus, Wario is also known to be a clever person.

He is a Power type character for the olympic series.

Mario and Sonic at the olympic games

Official Character Biography

"The burly opposite of Mario, Wario is a Power-based athlete, able to hurl objects incredible distances, and his awesome stamina gives him a boost in any long-distance event. He is driven by greed and will undoubtedly love to get his hands on a Gold Medal!


  • speed=40
  • power=80
  • skill=20
  • stamina=100